Education is all about empowering young generation to face challenges of the ever-changing world and to equip them with necessary life-skills to lead an independent and productive life. Having this concept in mind, MDC Senior High School is committed to not only provide traditional classroom-based learning but also to facilitate students with real life experience. MDC Senior High School recognizes that education should be holistic and incorporates both knowledge and experience.

To achieve that, MDC senior High School introduced a program called International Exposure Program (IEP) for 11th graders and has been an annual program since the school’s foundation. There are two destinations offered to students this year, Singapore and South Korea. In cooperation with some key stakeholders in both countries, students are assisted through guided and self-guided tours to uncover more insightful experience at some key spots the school has selected. Through this program, the students are also assigned to do a survey research project and are expected to write a thesis about the research. Students will then be presenting and be defending their thesis to invited panels during our communicating program.

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