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Corinne Tan

Saya suka bersekolah di TK Benih Kasih karena di sana banyak Center untuk belajar dan juga saya bisa belajar Buah Roh.

Corinne TanKindergarten Student Alumni
Vanda Veronica Kodrat

I like MDC because they focused on building my character up. They made me know more about God and to take care others. My teachers and my friends can be good example for me. I think MDC can be the best school. They give out great influences to their students. Thank you MDC for bringing me here today.

Vanda Veronica Kodrat Elementary Student Alumni
Anderson Tanaya

Thank you MDC for all these years. You have taught me many things. But most importantly you taught me CHARACTER.

Anderson TanayaJunior High Student Alumni
Cynthia Elizabeth Sulimro

Here, I found true friends, family, and God’s values that I treasure so much. Learning how to be a servant of God has been the best lesson in my life. Thank you MDC and all of the lovely teachers for these memorable three years. Keep up the good work. To God be the Glory.

Cynthia Elizabeth SulimroSenior High Student Alumni


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