1st Place of The World Scholar’s Cup 2017

“Sometimes, the very best things in life happen when we least expect them to.”

We were super intrigued by the fact that we got a chance to join this incredible first regional round of the WSC 2017 in Ciputra last week. (13-14/05/17). It was an overall non-stop heartwrenching journey for us, remembering that this was our first time in participating. We first got there knowing that we, who were only provided a maximum of 2 weeks time to prepare, were up against students who in reality appeared as if they were actually born to do this. To say that we were dreadfully nervous is a complete understatement, knowing that there was no turning back then.

The events were, as expected, prestigious to its very core. Almost everyone we see had these game faces on, and we were standing there being like, “Eeeep, please don’t eat us alive.” I gotta be honest, though. The tension was real. Especially when you were the only three remaining representatives in your school who was forced to “pwaa” (sound of an Alpaca) in a room filled with people whom you were not exactly familiar with.

But all in all, it was a sheer blessing for us, to have experienced such an event like this held upon our lovely city of Surabaya. Especially knowing that we managed to bring home a 1st place trophy in the Senior Division’s Debate Team category. Now that, was uncalled for. We felt like legit lollipops (a term they made for the losing team) back then after each debate match against the opposition team(s), but surprisingly ended up winning all three of them in the end.

Not to mention, us acquiring a number 6 champion team candidate who is practically qualified to enter the global rounds, in either Hanoi, Athens, or Cape Town, was another breathtaking blessing coming from the Almighty God Himself.

Words cannot simply describe how grateful I am, to have become part of a such an amazing team. Thank you as well to Mam Sioe Ie, Mr Khris, Mr Lee, and Mam Ella for your unconditional love and support. My family and best friends, who are always ready to back us up.

And of course, the one and only Jesus Christ. For You are the one who made all this possible, who is the eternal light in our darkness, and our very best friend.

This one’s for YOU. 🙂

By: Janice Karyadi (MDC Senior High Student – Grade XI)


Bahaspeech 2017

Bahaspeech merupakan satu dari rentetan acara yang sangat ditunggu oleh murid-murid sekaligus guru-guru MDC karena acara ini merupakan salah satu media bagi semua siswa dan guru untuk menunjukkan apresiasi dan rasa cinta terhadap Bahasa. Tahun ini, dengan mengusung tema “I Belong to Jesus, Jesus Belongs to Me”, Bahaspeech 2017 diselenggarakan pada hari Sabtu, 8 April 2017, di Ballroom 89, Ciputra World-Surabaya. Tema ini dipilih dengan tujuan untuk mengingatkan para siswa, bahwa semua talenta yang mereka miliki merupakan anugrah dari Tuhan yang harus mereka kembangkan bagi kemuliaan nama Tuhan.

Ada empat Bahasa yang mewarnai acara ini, yaitu Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Jawa dan Mandarin. Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia dipilih sebagai Bahasa fokus untuk kompetisi yang diselenggarakan, diantaranya “Lomba Menyanyi” dan Show & Tell untuk kelas satu, “Lomba Gerak dan Lagu” dan Group Recital untuk kelas dua, “Lomba Deklarasi Puisi” dan Group Singing Contest untuk kelas tiga, “Lomba Yel-Yel” dan Solo Singing Contest untuk kelas empat, “Lomba Mendongeng” dan Speech Choir  untuk kelas lima dan “Lomba Menggubah Lagu” dan Story Telling untuk kelas enam.

Melalui perlombaan ini, para siswa mau dan mampu mempersembahkan yang terbaik, dan talenta yang mereka miliki mampu memberkati para tamu dan orang tua yang datang. Sebagai apresiasi terhadap bakat mereka yang luar biasa, MDC juga memberikan trophy, sertifikat dan hadiah. Berikut merupakan nama-nama pemenang Bahaspeech 2017:

 Lomba Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Kategori Kelas 1: Kelas 1C
  • Kategori Kelas 2: Kelas 2B
  • Kategori Kelas 3: Damian (3C) Kayleen (3B) Tricia (3A)
  • Kategori Kelas 4: Kelas 4A
  • Kategori Kelas 5: (1) Jane Catherine 5C (2) Gabriella Renata 5B (3) Nathania Mykaela 5A
  • Kategori Kelas 6: Kelas 6B

 Lomba Bahasa Inggris: 

  • Kategori Kelas 1: (I) Venus 1 A (2) Aretha 1 C (3) Cherisha 1 B
  • Kategori Kelas 2: Kelas 2B
  • Kategori Kelas 3: Kelas 3B
  • Kategori Kelas 4: (1) Sharon 4 C (2) Felice (4B) (3) Jovan 4A
  • Kategori Kelas 5: Kelas 5C
  • Kategori Kelas 6: (1) Waylen 6 C (2) Jose 6 B (3) Mario 6 A

Acara ini kemudian ditutup dengan pembagian hadiah, foto bersama kepala sekolah dan juga doa. Biarlah seluruh talenta anak-anak hanya untuk kemuliaan nama Tuhan! Soli Deo Gloria!


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