Language Festival – “BahaSpeech”

Language is a symbol of unity. In response to the importance of language and the developing of the new era, Masa Depan Cerah Elementary School takes a big step to support the students to perform their impressive speaking skills in different languages. This is the third year for the school to hold such a big event especially to celebrate the language festival that is combined with Passover. This year’s event even bigger than the previous one because the school wants to unite the languages that have been learnt by the students in the class, those language are  English, Bahasa Indonesia,Mandarin, and Bahasa Jawa.

This event is named BahaSpeech, which comes from the combination of the word Bahasa (Bahasa Indonesia) and Speech (English). This name represents the whole competition which focuses mainly on Bahasa Indonesia and English. This year’s BahaSpeech was held in Zhang Palace, 2nd floor, on Saturday (7th April 2018). The Mandarin and Bahasa Jawa teachers also showcased the talents of their students in singing.

Students have given their contribution to perform well in front of the audience. They have been practising since last month and they have committed to give their best. Many parents support their child by attending and watching this program. There were also booths selling food and beverages in front of the room. Everyone was happy and excited so we say it was a success!

The following are the winners of those contests:

English Category A:

Choral Recital Champion:       Grade 1A

Show and Tell :           1st Christian Leonardo Koeswanto 2B

                                    2nd Jayden Christopher Sien 2A

                                    3rd Venus Emanuela Thungriallu 2C

Story Telling:              1st Davian Oswaldo Nyoto 3A

                                    2nd Devina Louisa Koentjoro 3B

English Category B:

Speech Choir Champion:        Grade 4A

Drama Champion:                   Grade 5A

Preaching:       1st Gabriella Renata Karta Rahardja 6B

                        2nd Delicia Grace Dinar Pratiwi 6C

                        3rd Ariel Theo Winata 6A

Bahasa Indonesia Kategori A:

Membaca puisi:           Juara 1: Kathlyn Constantine Soegiono

                                    Juara 2: Jolene Renata Widigdo

Menyanyi:  Kelas 2B

Drama: Kelas 3B

Bahasa Indonesia Kategori B

Deklamasi Puisi:          Juara 1: Marie Theofillia Renata Santosa 4B

                                    Juara 2: Kenneth Alexander Hartoyo 4C

                                    Juara 3: Shannon Grace Louise 4A

Pantun :                       Juara 1: Jessica Adeline 5A

                                    Juara 2: Moses Marion Aryanto 5B

                                    Juara 3: Jevon Amadeo Sanyoto 5C

Menggubah Lagu:       Kelas 6B

Congratulations to all students who participated and those who won. We say thank you to all teachers who trained students and to our parents whose supports are really amazing.

We look forward to BahaSpeech 2019 wherein we will discover new talents from our precious students. See you again next year.


Another First Time in MDC Elementary School

For the first time, there was a collaboration of all the languages that are being taught in MDC Elementary Department. The idea was conceived when Ma’am Brenda, Supervisor of Bahasa Indonesia, asked Mr. Knoel, English Supervisor (Grades 4- 6), of a joint celebration and program. It wasn’t a bad idea at all, though it took them months in planning and preparing the students. Of course there was a little conflict of the schedule of the students joining in both competitions, but they were managed to pass the rough times and so BahaSpeech was born.

Everyone in the department was busy as bees last April 9, 2016 where the BahaSpeech was held at the IMAGE Visual Theater of Benih Kasih Building. The Mandarin teachers showcased the talents of their students in singing and performing drama, while Mr. Bayu, our Bahasa Jawa teacher, showed his expertise in playing the WAYANG by teaching his student Mahalaleel of Grade 6B. Many parents showed their support to their children and watched the program. There were also booths selling food and beverages on the ground floor. Everyone was happy and so we say it was a success!

Three categories were formed for the program, Category A for Grades 1 and 2, Category B for Grades 3 and 4 and Category C for Grades 5 and 6. Each category took turns in the program. For English, there was a Choral Recital for groups and Show and Tell for the individual contest in Category A. Group Singing and Story Telling for Category B, and Speech Choir and Preaching Contest for Category C. The students all did well and some even performed beyond expectations. The following are the winners in the said contests:

Category A:

Show and Tell

1st Place: Davian Osvaldo Nyoto (1A)

2nd Place: Kenzi Wang Gunawan (2A)

3rd Place: Gregory Russell Yuwono (1B)

Choral Recital:

1st Place: Grade 2C

2nd Place: Grade 2A


Category B:

Story Telling Contest

1st Place: Valerie Ivana Limyanto (3B)

2nd Place: Jeremy Chrisandy Mulya (4B)

3rd Place: Andrea Joellen Soebijantoro (4B)

Group Singing:

1st Place: Grade 4B

2nd Place: Grade 4A


Category C:

Preaching Contest:

1st Place: Jose Rafael Wijaya (5A)

2nd Place: Michelle Felicia Gee (6A)

3rd Place: Nelson Mantofa (5C)

Speech Choir Champion:

Grade 5A

Kudos to our teachers and parents who trained our children especially the winners. They truly deserve their places.

And for the Bahasa Indonesia, each grade level has a contest of their own. For Grades 1, Membaca Puisi, Grades 2, Deklamasi, Grades 3, Drama, Grades 4 Pantun, Grades 5, Baca Berita and for Grades 6 was InstaMag contest. The following are the winners:

Kelas 1:

Juara 1: Gregory Russell Yuwono

Juara 2: Devina Louisa Koentjoro

Juara 3: Graciella Chrisandy Mulya


Kelas 2:

Juara 1: Euginia Jocelyn Kolan

Juara 2: Eleazar Faith

Juara 3: Kenneth Alexander Hartoyo


Kelas 3:

Juara 1: Moses Marion Aryanto and Michael Tjandranaya

Juara 2: Michelle Mario and Sharon Cathy Anggono

Juara 3: Evelyn Sutanto and Jaeden Arsenio Fok


Kelas 4:

Juara 1: Jane Catherine Alexander

Juara 2: Jessy Valerie Pandin

Juara 3: Delicia Grace Dinar Pratiwi


Kelas 5:

Juara 1: Queencyla M. Levi Heriawan

Juara 2: Matthew Gee

Juara 3: Waylen Twensin


Kelas 6:

Juara 1: Fiona Ng

Juara 2: Helena Kaia

Juara 3: Vanda Veronica Kodrat


Congratulations to all the students who participated and to those who won. We say thank you too to all the teachers who unselfishly trained all our students and to our parents whose support is really amazing.

I don’t see any reason why this kind of event won’t push through, after all there were good feedbacks from the judges, teachers, students and most of all parents.

We look forward to the BahaSpeech 2017 wherein we will be discovering new talents from our precious students. See you again next year.