English Festival on MDC Christian Elementary School

Success! This is the word that will best describe the English Festival of the MDC Elementary Department which was held at the Image Auditorium, Benih Kasih last March 28, 2015.

Many parents exerted effort and went to school on a Saturday just to witness their children perform during the event. There were three categories- Category A for Grades 1 and 2, Choral Recital for the group contest and Show and Tell contest for the individual, Category B for Grades 3 and 4, Choral Singing for the group contest and Story Telling for the individual, and Category C for Grades 5 and 6, E-Pop DanSing contest for group competition and Monologue for the individual.

All the contestants wowed their classmates, parents, teachers and the judges with their performances. They showcased their prowess in the English language and how they are comfortable in using English as a second language. That is why the winners received trophies and goodies as rewards of their labor. The following are the winners:

 Category  Group Contest  Individual
 Category A Champion: Grade 1C 

Runner Up: Grade 2B

1st: Sharron 2C2nd: Kenzi 1C

3rd: Daniel 2A

 Category B Champion: Grade 3B 

Runner Up: Grade 4A

1st: Waylen 4B2nd: Cherlyn 4C

3rd: Valter 4A

 Category C Champion: Grade 6A 

Runner Up: Grade 5A

1st: Chia-chia 5A2nd: Thania 6B

3rd: Ava 5B

Their teacher coaches also received trophies for training our students. Everybody was happy and went home with big smiles on their faces and many memories to cherish. We thank all the teachers and our supportive parents who are behind the success of this program. We also owe a big thanks to the English team headed by Mr. Knoel and supervised by Ma’am Lanny. We look forward to the English Festival 2016. Kudos to everyone!

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